VAXEE PA “Summer22” Mousepad is soon to be discontinued

Aug, 19 ,2022

Thank you very much for your support of VAXEE's second seasonal product, Summer22. For those who love this style, we would like to let you know that we will stop producing Summer22 from September 1, 2022. There are also two further points we would like to expand on. 

1. Friends who ordered before 23:59 on August 31, 2022 can still purchase Summer22. However if the purchase quantity is too large and we do not have enough existing stock, you can still place the order, but the time of receipt will be delayed. The estimated delivery date will be marked on the product page, so that you can carefully consider before making your purchase. 

2. From September 1, 2022, if there is remaining stock in each region, we will continue to sell till we run out of stock. 

Once again, we would like to remind everyone that Summer22 has the same feel, size and specifications as other VAXEE PA mousepads. Even when it is discontinued, you may consider other styles. 

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