Launch of Ducky One 3 mechanical keyboard with VAXEE design elements

Jul, 27 ,2022

The purpose of the VAXEE platform is to provide a comfortable and reassuring shopping environment with products that are practical and meet our standards of quality. We also strive to provide easy to access customer service that provides a solution quickly and in a personal manner. 

We've received some suggestions from friends asking us to launch keyboards so that they can have a whole range of VAXEE products. In the field of mechanical keyboards there are already a number of established and trustworthy brands. Instead of going through the process of independent research and development, we are far more inclined to find suitable partners to work with. 

Ducky has many years of experience in the development of mechanical keyboards, and has a complete range of models. On the basis of mutual trust between the two parties, they agreed to put the Ducky ONE3 series keyboards on the VAXEE platform. At the same time, to serve friends who would prefer a uniform desktop style we will use the VAXEE keycaps. Incorporating the design style of VAXEE and adjusting the height of the keycaps, it becomes the unique VAXEE version Ducky ONE 3.

The stable tactile feel of Ducky ONE 3 meets the needs of professional e-sports players. For those who need a richer tactile feel, the base is hot-swappable, and the shaft can be quickly and easily replaced by using the included shaft puller. If a player finds that a certain key is double-clicking in game, he can also temporarily replace the shaft for that key with one that is rarely used. This immediately reduces the inconvenience caused by that key's failure and after that, the player only needs to obtain a replacement for that one shaft and easily repair it at home. The keyboard does not need to be sent in for repair.

Friends who follow VAXEE may have noticed that the release of the keyboard was delayed. This is because we worked hard with Ducky to improve the quality during the full inspection process, causing the launch to be delayed. Thank you Ducky for accepting suggestions and putting in a lot of effort. We would like to thank our friends who have continued to check-in with us about the keyboard and we thank them for their patience.
  • We have replaced the original high-profile keycaps (OEM) with lower-profile ones because we feel that the click feeling of lower-profile keycaps (Cherry) is more comfortable. 
  • Those of you who already have VAXEE products and want your desktop to uniformly color match, we provide OUTSET, ZYGEN and Winter21 models to choose from.
  • All Ducky ONE 3 models sold on the VAXEE platform go through 2 full inspections by the VAXEE team. 
For friends who do not intend to replace the keyboard, but also would like to have VAXEE style keycaps, please have a look at the VAXEE KC keycaps that we released previously.

Due to the limited resources available for the inspection process, we would like to apologize that we are only able to provide 80% keyboards with either silent red or silver switches. If you need 60% and 100% keyboards and have other switch preferences, please visit the official Ducky website or distributor to make your purchase. 

Ducky ONE 3 (VAXEE version):
Start of Sales: Immediately
Silent Red switches: Higher travel distance which can minimize accidental presses (for example when typing). Has a more muted sound. Recommended for friends who have both gaming and work needs
Silver switches: Lower travel distance with a more immediate response. Louder than the Silent Red switches. Recommended to friends who focus on games.

Ducky ONE 3 Daybreak:
Ducky ONE 3 Fuji:
Ducky ONE 3 Matcha:
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