Pink color series "NP-01" and "P22" mouse pad available for pre-order

Feb, 16 ,2022

Since the launch of our color series mice, we’ve received so much support from our friends around the world.  First and foremost, we want to thank you for this support. Once the white series NP-01 and NP-01 S have been on sale for a period of time, we will launch the pink NP-01 series and the color matching “P22” mousepad. This is based on the results of the previous vote.  

We have a limited production capacity because we insist on full mouse inspections alongside the careful production of our mousepads. Because of this, we will be launching a pre-order so we can not only know everyone’s needs in advance but also avoid the problem of product shortages in areas with high demand.


The next item after this will be the yellow NP-01 series. We will announce the release date at a separate time and kindly ask for your patience. 

Pre-Order: 18:00, February 18, 2022
Estimated shipping time:  2/23
(If there are changes due to logistics, we will update everyone in real-time.)

ZYGEN NP-01 pre-order link:
ZYGEN NP-01S pre-order link:
VAXEE PA “P22” pre-order link:


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2022-02-24 18:31
Are you planning to restock the matte white anytime?
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