VAXEE announces it’s second collaboration with ZYGEN, the NP-01S

Apr, 14 ,2021
The ZYGEN NP-01 has an asymmetrical shape that does not limit a user's wrist angle. The NP-01S follows this design concept and has the same curve on the right side, however it has a lower back which allows for more space between the palm and the mouse. This provides a more flexible control experience. 

There are also other adjustments made to the mouse which we will further explain in the video below.

With regards to the coating, we have made some changes to the future roadmap of our products. Looking at current market feedback and in order to use funds more efficiently, we have decided that in the future, the glossy version of our mice will be released in limited quantities. The first batch of all new releases will have both the matte and glossy coatings, however the next batches will not consistently have glossy versions; it will depend on demand. We will instead invest our funds into new product development. 

We understand that this may cause some short-term inconveniences to our friends who prefer a glossy coating but the trade-off is new products being available sooner. We thank all of you for your support and understanding. 



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2021-04-16 10:09
This is an exciting update! Will you be discontinuing the original NP-01?
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2021-04-17 20:39
Great work with this. The design improvements are exactly what a LOT of people will be looking for. This mouse still works great as claw for small hands. For small and medium and large hands it's a great fingertip option. To me, this mouse combines the best philosophies of the EC, FK, and S series and puts them in one package.

Making the thumb groove less pronounced is a great decision. Lowering button height and width and overall size is fantastic. Making the click a little longer is much better as the np01 was too light and prone to accidental clicks. This plus the new coating and taller skates fixes everything.

Oh and 71 grams? Perfect weight. You should really aim for 71 grams for all your future releases, this weight is the perfect balance between light, stable, and sturdy build quality. Really good decisions all around and I hope this thing sells well for you guys, on paper it's an absolutely brilliant shape that reflects improvements and feedback you've received. Can't wait to see where you guys go with future mice and other peripheral releases.

I will say - I know you guys have an idea about the cord you are going for, but it is a bit stiff still.
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