Mouse Skates Selection Guide

Sep, 24 ,2020
VX Skates mouse feet provide a smooth tracking feeling and with the large, two-piece design, also provides more stable movement. Based on different user habits, the VX Skates will have 2 thickness options.

VX Skates 01-Speed Price: $3.79 (Excluding shipping)
VX Skates 02-Speed Price: $3.99 (Excluding shipping)

Why use 0.45mm mouse feet as the default?
Based on the data from our sensor tests which include tracking feeling, speed, compatibility with various mousepads, DPI and lift-off distance, we feel that 0.45mm gives the most stable results.

Why provide 0.6mm mouse feet?
We understand that some players use a softer mousepad or hard pad (like plastic). We also know that some players are used to pressing down harder on the mouse while moving around in-game or when spraying. In such situations, it is easier to rub against the mousepad and that is why we have chosen to offer thicker, 0.6mm mouse feet.

When should I use 0.6mm mouse feet?

When you feel that during normal use, you find the mouse rubbing uncomfortably into the mousepad.

Will the Lift-Off Distance (LOD) be lower with 0.6mm mouse feet?

The LOD would decrease by around 0.15mm and based on our testing, can still be used normally. However if you feel that LOD is too low, or that it’s hard to move your cursor you can switch the LOD setting to medium.

How to change Lift-off distance. (Link)

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2020-09-26 03:20
me lo accollo
Prasad2020-09-26 13:58 Hi, we are sorry for our slow reply. What can we help you with?  Reply
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2020-09-26 19:06
So does the 0.6mm mouse feet be better on the Glorious Helios mousepad or would the 0.45mm work just as well?
Marcu2020-09-29 14:10 @Ray In regards to "consistency" with LOD/Balance, I want to say no? However, longevity wise, yes. I think they're aim was to create a mouse that felt securely PLANTED to your mousepad, that no matter what angle or grip you used, there wasn't going to be any type of feel where you felt like you could easily angle your mouse. I've never used mouse feet with that low before. I believe all PTFE aftermarket feet provide higher than 0.45mm

I'm kind of curious if there's a possibility they'd create 0.45mm ceramic feet for their mice kind of like Glorious G Floats. I kind of hope maybe that'd be a possibility

I'm obviously not a Vaxee employee. Just a very interested customer. Figure i'd reply to help generate some possible feedback for you
Prasad2020-09-30 00:31 We are sorry for the delayed response.

It would depend on your usage habits. Some people prefer thicker feet with a plastic pad as it does not wear out as quickly but that could also mean you might need to change your LOD which is why we have it adjustable in 3 levels. At the end of the day, it would be done to how you feel with it in-game. You won't have issues using it with the 0.45mm but of course a plastic pad will wear out feet faster.
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2020-09-29 14:33
Which feet do you recommend to gigabyte amp500(hybrid mousepad) user?
0.45mm or 0.6mm?
Marcu2020-09-29 18:54 @coogie Honestly, i'd say sticking with the 0.45mm is your best bet. The design and implementation of the mouse appears to revolve around this height of mouse feet. In regards to longevity? I've honestly got no clue if 0.45mm will last. That's why I believe they're providing 0.6mm mouse feet, that other people are accustomed to having when using after market mouse feet to mod their mice Reply
Prasad2020-09-30 00:34 Hello,

We would not be able to give you individual mouse pad recommendations as it does depend on your usage habits. How often you swipe your mouse or press down into your mouse when you spray for example. These need to be taken into account and not just the material or softness of your pad. Regardless we offer feet in two thicknesses and we have an adjustable LOD in-case it doesn't feel right for you =)

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2020-09-29 18:57
Do you guys think making Ceramic Skates at 0.45mm is a possibility in the future? With the whole Skypad XL that many people have pre-ordered since late 2019 / early 2020, I feel there's going to be a big market for those type of feet to cater to hardpad users
Prasad2020-09-30 00:25 Hello, thank you for your question. At the moment we have not looked at ceramic feet, it is something we will look in to. With regards to hardpads, we have the 0.6mm feet that some might find more suitable =) Reply
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2021-02-04 07:28
Hi there,

I have always used 0.7 mm skates from hyperglide with my Zowie EC2-A. I'm assuming I should stick with the 0.6 mm option then with my new ZYGEN NP-01G?

Many thanks!
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