ZYGEN NP-01 Esports Mouse Pre-Order Notice

Sep, 24 ,2020
Since we announced VAXEE, we have received so much encouragement from around the world. Before anything else, we want to thank everyone for their support. After many rounds of fine-tuning, we feel the NP-01 has finally met our standards and is ready to ship. We will start taking pre-orders on the 1st of October and wanted to further explain our reason for taking pre-orders.

Due to the slight difference in raw materials used, the 60g switches we’ve adapted for use in the ZYGEN NP-01 will be between 55 to 60g. In an instance where one button has the maximum (60g) and one has the minimum (55g) there is a chance that there will be a significant difference in click feel. In order to ensure a more uniform feel, we have raised our inspection standards. The mice will be shipped from the factory to our office in Taipei for a second inspection where the clicks will be thoroughly tested by retired competitive Counter-Strike players, who are also experienced equipment inspectors. 

We have placed quality as our priority, not a large sales volume and because of this we have a limited production. It is also the first product we’re selling and have no experience with sales numbers and we don’t want to distribute wrongly to each region. We understand that some of you have been waiting a long while and to prevent further waiting, we will estimate numbers and ship to each region by air. The mice will be shipped on the 1st of October from our warehouse in Taipei. We hope that friends who have pre-ordered will be able to receive the ZYGEN NP-01 before the 15th of October. 
At the same time, the VX Skates, exclusively for use with the NP-01, will also be available. They are available in two different thicknesses (0.45mm & 0.6mm). If you usually swap out your mouse feet, we recommend buying it along with the mouse to save on shipping cost. 

VX Skates Selection Guide:https://www.vaxee.co/en/news.php?act=view&id=62&preview

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone that the ZYGEN NP-01 is only available through our VAXEE website. For those of you who prefer a glossy coating, we estimate the launch of the glossy version in Q1, 2021. There is no need to buy the current version. 

We will start accepting pre-orders, 1st of October, at 12 noon, US 12:00pm PST

Product and Order Information:

ZYGEN NP-01 Price: $59.99 (Excluding shipping)
VX Skates 01-Speed Price: $3.79 (Excluding shipping)
VX Skates 02-Speed Price: $3.99 (Excluding shipping)

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2020-09-26 11:15
Niiiiice, definitely will be getting the pre-order. Every since the Zowie mice series stopped releasing new models I've been waiting for a no non-sense and a robust mouse that doesn't care about the looks or gimmicks. Zygen has answered my wish
2020-09-26 13:39 Thank you for taking time to leave your feedback. We are glad that our design concept appeals to you and we look forward to your feedback again once you've tried it. Reply
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2020-09-29 05:53
Really looking forward to the release, just to double-check. The pre-order will be available at 12:00 PST which is about 21:00 CEST?
2020-09-30 00:26 Hello, 

It will be 12 noon, in your region. If you are in the EU: 12:00pm (GMT+1)

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2020-09-29 12:37
hi, will you ship to europe?
and what are the payment options?
2020-09-30 00:29 Hello,

We will ship to all countries in the European Union + Norway, Switzerland and UK.

We will be using Stripe as a payment gateway so most major credit / debit cards will be accepted.
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2020-09-30 22:20
What time would it be releasing for the Philippines?
2020-10-01 18:36 Hello, 

We are sorry but at launch, Philippines is not one of the regions we will be servicing. We sell only through our website so we can provide you with the best service,  before and after sales. With our small team, this is not possible at the moment.

We hope you will be patient with us, we are working on a solution =)
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2020-10-01 08:06
It said "pre-orders, 1st of October, at 12 noon, US 12:00pm PST" but how come it already sold out?
2020-10-01 18:37 Hi,

We apologize for the confusion. That is simply a place holder. The pre-order for the US has not started yet. It will be as you said, 1st October, 12 noon, PST.
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2020-10-02 03:08
in China, your price is 429 including shipping, but in NA, the shipping fee is 25 USD, is this normal? almost half the price of the mice
aaronhngn***2020-10-02 03:27 @Rocky mine is $12 shipping to California Reply
Rocky2020-10-02 09:15 @aaronhngn*** i am in Ontario, they took me 25 bucks. Reply
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2020-10-05 13:19
When will the mouse be restocked? I missed out
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2020-10-18 08:54
when will the mouse be restocked?
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2021-02-04 12:26
When will perches be avalible at israel i am super hyped about the new ax virsion
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2021-07-12 15:59
When will shipping be available to the CNMI? It’s part of the US and the state abbreviation is MP but it doesn’t show as a state.
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