PA Winter22 - Creator Interview

Sep, 28 ,2022

1. Please introduce yourself first.
Hello everyone, my name is Kairo. The origin of this name is due to professional players usually using Hand Warmers in tournaments, and Hand Warmers are called Kairo in Japanese.

2. Please share the story behind your creation.
Since the theme is “Winter22”, my concept is to create a contrast design with Summer22. I've prepared two versions, one is totally opposite with Summer22, the other one is similar to Summer22, and I chose the latter in the end.

3. The motivation behind taking part in this design submission event for Winter22? Also, how do you feel about being selected into Phase 2 (Online Voting)?
I happened to chance upon the submission event on Twitter and so I applied for the event. When I found out that I was being selected into Phase2 was able to get the mousepad that I designed, it made me very happy.

4. For friends who like your work, where can they see more of your work or how can they contact you?
I don’t put any of my work online, so it’s nearly impossible to find my works. The only way to see my work is to contact me through a Twitter DM. 

5. Is there anything else you would like to share?
Many people voted for my work, but at the same time nearly 50% didn’t vote for my work, so I guess there are still pros and cons of this work.
I myself have used around 50 different mousepads and I can be very sure that PA is a great mousepad.
I recommend you to buy one, especially if you haven't used any of the other designs before.
Lastly, thank you all very much.

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