3 New VAXEE PA Styles Available

Sep, 15 ,2022

The three new styles of the VAXEE PA mousepad are available as Custom ID versions from today. The standard version has entered the production stage and is expected to be available in late September.

The first-generation "Funspark" is deeply loved by European and American professional players due to its style and feel. The second-generation "Funspark v2" inherits the style of the first generation, with bright purple as the background color, with more layering. 

Part of the sales revenue of this version will be used to give back to the CS:GO community through the Funspark organization. The standard version of the 2nd generation Funspark PA will be available in late September. The standard version of the first-generation Funspark will no longer be in production after the 22nd of September but the Custom ID version will continue to be available. Friends who want a standard version can consider this before making a purchase. 

The recently launched new colors with the VAXEE XE mouse, orange and blue, have been well received. We considered that friends who enjoy these colors may want matching mousepads and with that in mind we will launch the “O22” and “B22”. Once again, the standard versions will be available in late September and Custom ID versions are already available. In the future, within the scope of our abilities, we will try to include orange and blue into future products.

A gentle reminder that the surface, base and feel of the PA mousepads are the same with the only difference being the design. You can choose your mousepad according to your preferred style. The development of a new base is still in progress and if there are any developments we will share them with you. 

Custom ID version is now available:

VAXEE PA Funspark v2
The standard versions for all 3 designs are expected to available on September 26: 

VAXEE PA Funspark v2

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