Basic requirements of the design draft

  • Dimensions: 500mm x 420mm (the actual product size is 480mm x 400mm)
  • Resolution: Less than 300ppi with a file size < 300MB
  • Color Mode: CMYK / RGB 8-bit or above
  • Available File Formats: PSD/AI format (for subsequent fine-tuning)

Special Requirements:
  • Because this is a product launched by VAXEE, the VAXEE logo must be clearly identifiable in the design. There is no special limit on the color and size of the logo.
    VAXEE LOGO Download:
  • Increase the amount of noise (A): 5 or more
Due to production and yield problems, please try to avoid solid colors and light colored designs
If a designer has any questions about their own design, they can clarify with us through our customer service channels
Note: We don't want to make mousepads that are prone to surface imperfections which will create excess waste due to having to be scrapped. 

Example 1:
Previously there was no added noise to the PA OUTSET. Although it is a non-solid color, the color tone of the block is simple, and the yield during production is too low
Therefore, we recommend that you increase the noise to improve the production yield.

Example 2:
PA Y22 / P22 - mostly in the solid color range. Considering the subsequent production and yield problems, we recommend that you increase the noise.
  1. Restriction on the number of submissions: Each person is limited to one design. If a designer is found to have submitted more than one design, the designer will be asked to choose just one for final submission. 
  2. The content of the submission must comply with legal norms, and the contributors should pay attention to make sure that content does not contain plagiarism, derivative work, duplication, hate, discrimination, blood, infringement of others' copyrights, portraits, trademark rights and other related issues.
  3. Submissions must not contain logos, trademarks, company or brand names (examples: Apple, Nike, LV, BMW) or images of copyrighted works (such as artwork, sculpture or architecture).
  4. VAXEE is not responsible for the subsequent legal responsibilities arising from the contributor's stealing, plagiarism, infringement, etc.
  5. The personal data collected during registration will only be used for this event and will not be stored. 
If anyone suspects that the final winning submission image is a plagiarism of their own original work, please contact VAXEE and we will help follow-up on the matter.

Submission Upload Link: