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Apr, 08 ,2020

“Follow your passion; devote your time, your attention and your enthusiasm.” The performance of our team so far makes us believe this quote wholeheartedly. Though we still love esports, the team has gotten older and lifestyles have changed. We now spend more time on other areas of life and have developed ideas for tools that would help with work and general day to day living. Because of this, we decided to follow our passion to create products that help and have established VAXEE.

We've taken our past experiences, especially those from the esports industry and put it into VAXEE. When it comes to design, it is not just about functionality or specifications. It is about enhancing a user's overall experience and allowing them to translate that into results in-game.

Take mice as an example. We designed them not so we could emphasize how good they were or stood out against other brands. Instead we designed the mice to help players have a better experience and perform optimally in-game. With this goal in mind, having the highest DPI, lightest weight or RGB lights were not focus points. We focused on real-world usage experience and will continue to implement these fundamental concepts.

“Continual improvement” is a core part of the VAXEE team spirit. This spirit applies not only to products but to another important aspect which is “service”. 

We have learned from past experience that if we continue to stay true to our product design concepts, VAXEE will not be a mainstream brand with large sales volumes. To all our friends who agree with our way of doing things and are willing to put their trust in us, we want to provide more efficient and personalized services. With this in mind, VAXEE products will only be sold on our website. This allows us to provide retail services as well as before and after-sales services directly. The biggest significance of this is that it will allow consumers to receive a higher quality of humanized services when they encounter product-related problems.

Every customer service representative at the VAXEE store has a complete understanding of our products and is not just someone who follows a customer service manual. This allows them to make sure that every user can use our products with ease and efficiency. 

As mentioned earlier, our changes in age and lifestyle mean that many of us are unable to focus on esports as much as before. However, meeting the standards of esports is still a basic part of our product design and we believe that when it comes to esports, the team has experience and understanding which is still of certain value. This is why we will work with those who have a genuine passion for esports and help them launch their own esports gear brands. At the same time, they will invest part of their profits into community / grassroots projects or help regions which don’t have a very robust esports scene.

To all our friends who believe in our philosophy, VAXEE looks forward to serving you soon.

At the moment, we are able to service customers in a limited number of regions. We have chosen to do this to focus our limited manpower into providing the highest possible quality of service. In the meantime, we will share interviews with the pioneer esports generation and also some of our thoughts on the website. We hope that we will soon be able to provide service to every corner of the world.

The first retail service regions classified by languages and regions are:

・English: USA and Canada
English: European Union

Japanese: Japan
Simplified Chinese: Mainland China
Traditional Chinese:
Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao

English: Asia-Pacific 
(Because of the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore and the extension of the strict quarantine measures there, we will open this page at a later date. We will respect the full extent of the law in all countries and will make an announcement about this soon. Thank you for your patience.)

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